Daniel S. Herman, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Director, Endocrine Laboratory
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Contact Information3400 Spruce St.
7103 Founders
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215.662.6575
Fax: 215.662.7529

Specialty Division

Laboratory Medicine

Itmat Expertise

I am interested in leveraging existing clinical data and developing new biomarker-based strategies for the subphenotyping hypertension and for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction.

Clinical Expertise

Laboratory Medicine, Cardiac Biomarkers, Clinical Chemistry, and Pathology Informatics.

Research Expertise

My research interests are in the prediction and prevention of cardiovascular disease and in developing systems to improve the interpretation of clinical laboratory results. Current areas of research include:

1) Leveraging electronic health record data to screen for specific causes of secondary hypertension and to inform selection of antihypertensive medications

2) Developing and implementing computational tools to improve the quality of clinical laboratory results and facilitate context-dependent interpretation

3) Improving the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction by developing new biomarker-based strategies for testing and interpretation

4) Improving the prediction of primary cardiovascular disease by assessing the gap between existing biomarkers and the clinical needs


BS (Bachelor of Science in Biology), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004
PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy in Genetics), Harvard Medical School, Division of Medical Sciences (MSTP), 2011
MD (Doctorate of Medicine), Harvard Medical School, Health Sciences and Technology (MSTP), 2013

Specialty Certification

Pathology, CP, 2016

Postgraduate Training

Resident in Clinical Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington, 2013-2016
Chief Resident in Clinical Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington, 2014-2015

Awards and Honors

Association for Pathology Informatics 2015 Travel Award, 2015-2015
Best Abstract for the AACC's Biomarkers of Acute Cardiovascular Disease Division, 2015-2015
ACLPS Young Investigator Award, 2015-2015
UW Strandjord-Clayson Award, 2016-2016
McCabe Fund Pilot Award, 2016-2018
ACLPS Young Investigator Award, 2016-2016
CAP Foundation Leadership Development Award, 2016-2016
American Association of Clinical Chemistry, Philadelphia Section, Young Investigator Award, 2018-2018

Memberships and Professional Organizations

Phi Beta Kappa, 2004 - 2004
American Physician Scientists Association, 2011 - Present
American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 2013 - Present
College of American Pathology, 2013 - Present
Association for Molecular Pathology, 2014 - 2015
Association for Pathology Informatics, 2015 - Present
Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists, 2015 - Present
American Association of Clinical Chemistry, 2015 - Present
Medical Research Council, United Kingdom, 2016 - 2016
International Society for Computational Biology, 2017 - Present
American Medical Association, 2017 - Present
American Medical Informatics Association, 2017 - Present
Pennsylvania Association of Pathology, 2018 - Present

Web Links

Selected Publications

Automated approaches to wrangling wayward troponins.

Daniel Herman, The American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, 2015

Titin truncating mutations: A rare cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in the young.

Fatkin D, Lam L, Herman DS, Benson CC, Felkin LE, Barton PJR, Walsh R, Candan S, Ware JS, Roberts AM, Chung WK, Smoot L, Bornaun H, Keogh AM, Macdonald PS, Hayward CS, Seidman JG,Roberts AE, Cook SA, Seidman CE., Progress in Pediatric Cardiology. 40(1): 41-45, 2016

Automated parsing and risk classification of karyotypes for acute myeloid leukemia.

Silgard E, Fang M, Estey E, Herman DS, American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL., 2015

Integrated allelic, transcriptional, and phenomic dissection of the cardiac effects of titin truncations in health and disease.

Roberts AM*, Ware JS*, Herman DS*, Schafer S, Baksi J, Bick AG, Buchan RJ, Walsh R, John S, Wilkinson S, Mazzarotto F, Felkin LE, Gong S, MacArthur JA, Cunningham F, Flannick J, Gabriel SB, Altshuler DM, Macdonald PS, Heinig M, Keogh AM, Hayward CS, Banner NR, Pennell DJ, O'Regan DP, San TR, de Marvao A, Dawes TJ, Gulati A, Birks EJ, Yacoub MH, Radke M, Gotthardt M, Wilson JG, O'Donnell CJ, Prasad SK, Barton PJ, Fatkin D, Hubner N, Seidman JG, Seidman CE, Cook SA., Sci Transl Med 7(270): 270ra6, 2015, PMID:25589632

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Burden of rare sarcomere gene variants in the Framingham and Jackson Heart Study Cohorts.

Bick AG, Flannick J, Ito K, Cheng S, Ramachandran VS, Parfenov MG, Herman DS, DePalma SR, Gupta N, Gabriel S, Funke BH, Rehm HL, Benjamin E, Aragam J, Taylor HA, Fox ER, Newton-Cheh C, Kathiresan S, O’Donnell C, Wilson JG, Altshuler DL, Hirschhorn JN, Seidman JG, Seidman C., Am J Hum Gen 91(3): 513-9, 2012, PMID:22958901

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Truncations of Titin Causing Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

Herman DS, Lam L, Taylor MR, Wang L, Teekakirikul P, Christodoulou D, Conner L, DePalma SR, McDonough B, Sparks E, Teodorescu DL, Cirino AL, Banner NR, Pennell DJ, Graw S, Merlo M, Di Lenarda A, Sinagra G, Bos JM, Ackerman MJ, Mitchell RN, Murry CE, Lakdawala NK, Ho CY, Barton PJ, Cook SA, Mestroni L, Seidman JG, Seidman CE., N Engl J Med. 366(7): 619-28, 2012, PMID:22335739

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Filter-based hybridization capture of subgenomes enables resequencing and copy-number detection.

Herman DS, Hovingh GK, Iartchouk O, Rehm HL, Kucherlapati R, Seidman JG, Seidman CE., Nat Methods 6(7): 507-10, 2009, PMID:19543287

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