Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Events

December 15, 2017

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Department News

Open Pathology Positions

April 25, 2017

Faculty positions are open in epigenetics, machine learning/image analysis, blood banking, coagulation, genomic diagnostics, bioinformatics, cell and gene therapy, surgical pathology (GI tract pathology), genome editing and functional cancer genomics, hematopathology, immunometabolism and tumor immunity, protective immunity, neurodegenerative diseases, sarcoma/soft tissue pathology, and RNA computational biology.

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Recipients of Penn Medicine Awards of Excellence

September 13, 2018

2018 William Osler Patient Oriented Research Award to Bruce L. Levine, PhD, and Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching to Robert W. Doms, MD, PhD.

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Carl June, MD, Receives 2018 Albany Prize

August 16, 2018

Recognized for his work in pioneering the development of CAR T therapy for cancer.

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Cancer Cell Exosomes Could Predict Immunotherapy Responses

August 09, 2018

Paradigm-shifting study in Nature points to new way to monitor patient response to immunotherapies.

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Largest Genetic Database on Alzheimer’s Disease Available for Research

August 01, 2018

The NIA Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site will share 5,000 whole genomes for Alzheimer's disease genetics research.

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Faculty and Housestaff Honors and Service July 2018

July 27, 2018

Resident representative for Pathology to the AAMC, Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alzheimer’s Association, and VA ranking.

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Center for Personalized Diagnostics Launches New Translocation Panel

July 23, 2018

Panel 2.0 includes 56 target genes and adds thyroid and sarcoma disease groups.

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GU Oncology Pilot Grant for Dr. Priti Lal

July 06, 2018

Precision panel for muscle invasive bladder cancer (MiBCa Panel).

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Faculty and Housestaff Honors and Service June 2018

June 18, 2018

President-Elects of International Societies for the Advancement of Cytometry and for Cell and Gene Therapy, awards for Neuropathology and Clinical Microbiology Fellows, and service on Council of Microbial Sciences.

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New Residency Program Director

May 30, 2018

Nicole Aqui, MD, to serve as Penn's Pathology Residency Program Director.

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Dr. Don Siegel Receives Francis S. Morrison, MD Memorial Lecture Award

May 17, 2018

American Society for Apheresis Award and keynote lecture for major contributions to the field of apheresis medicine.

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2018 Pathology "Top Docs" in Philadelphia Magazine

May 08, 2018

Drs. Adam Bagg, Zubair Baloch, John Brooks, David Elder, Franz Fogt, Virginia LiVolsi, Robert B. Wilson, and Xiaowei (George) Xu are among the the 13 top pathologists in the region.

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FDA Approves CAR-T Immunotherapy for 2nd Indication

May 03, 2018

Approval for a personalized cellular therapy for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed or refractory large B-Cell lymphoma after two or more lines of systemic therapy.

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Dr. Robert Doms Receives Prestigious Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching

April 28, 2018

Cited for teaching that is intellectually demanding, unusually coherent, and permanent in its effect.

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Carl June Named One of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World

April 26, 2018

Pioneer in cancer and HIV gene therapy honored.

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Department Completes Offsite CAP Inspection

April 12, 2018

Part of the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program to accredit the entire spectrum of pathology tests.

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PGY-2 Resident Dr. Nya Nelson Receives Award for Best Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology Poster at USCAP

April 03, 2018

International Society of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology (ISBSTP) award for advances in understanding diagnosis, prognosis and pathogenesis of this collection of rare diseases.

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Educator of The Year Award for Dr. Zubair Baloch

April 02, 2018

2018 L.C. Tao Educator of The Year Award from the Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology.

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Re-accreditation for Clinical Microbiology Fellowship Program

March 28, 2018

Approved for next 7-year period by the Committee on Postdoctoral Education Programs (CPEP) of the American Society for Microbiology.

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