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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Events

Link to Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Academic Calendar

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Open Pathology Positions

Faculty positions are open in epigenetics, machine learning/image analysis, blood banking, coagulation, genomic diagnostics, bioinformatics, cell and gene therapy, surgical pathology (GI tract pathology), genome editing and functional cancer genomics, hematopathology, immunometabolism and tumor immunity, protective immunity, neurodegenerative diseases, sarcoma/soft tissue pathology, and RNA computational biology.

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Inside the Center for Personalized Diagnostics

Wonder how precision medicine works? This animated "explainer" video gives an inside look at genomic cancer testing at Penn Medicine's Center for Personalized Diagnostics.

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Roth Lab

DNA Repair, Cancer Genetics, and Cancer Genomics
Understanding DNA double-strand break repair and genome rearrangements through V(D)J recombination

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Drs. Lauren Schwartz and Zubair Baloch Part of The Pathologist's Power List 2018

Both are cited as among the 100 of the best, brightest, and most powerful advocates of pathology and laboratory medicine.

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Stem Cell Lab Part of New Treatment for Lung Complications

Nationwide trial using adult stem cells to battle Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

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