Beatriz M. Carreno, PhD

Research Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Contact InformationPCAM South Tower, 8th Floor
3400 Civic Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Specialty Division

Immunobiology and Experimental Pathology

Itmat Expertise

My research interests have centered on questions related to the generation and modulation of anti-tumor human T cell immunity and how these responses can be harnessed to develop better immune therapeutics. My laboratory develops methods for (1) identification of tumor antigens, (2) improvement of dendritic cell (DC)-based vaccines and (3) expansion of tumor-specific T cells for clinical applications.


BS Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, 1981
PhD (Microbiology), Georgetown University School of Medicine, 1989

Specialty Certification

Postgraduate Training

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuro-immunology, NINDS, NIH, 1989-1991
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Genetics, Washington University School of Medicine, 1991-1995

Awards and Honors

Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Scholarship, 1978
ITT International Fellowship, 1984-1985
9th International Congress of Immunology Research Award, 1995

Memberships and Professional Organizations

American Association of Immunologists, 1993 - Present
American Association of Cancer Research, 2010 - Present
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2015 - Present

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Selected Publications

Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in the Checkpoint Inhibitor Era

Linette, G.P., Carreno, B.M., Curr Hematol Malig Rep 14(4): 286, 2019

Immunological Ignorance is an enabling feature of the oligo-clonal T cell response to melanoma antigens.

Linette, G.P., Becker-Hapak, M., Skidmore, Z.L., Baroja, M.B., Xu, C., Hundal, J., Spencer, D.H., Fu, W., Cummins, C., Robnett, M., Kaabinejadian, S., Hildebrand, W.H., Magrini, V., Demeter, R., Krupnick, A.S., Griffith, O.L., Griffith, M., Mardis, E.R., and Carreno, B.M., PNAS, 2019

A Shot against Cancer

Carreno, B.M., Mardis, E.R., Scientific American, 2016

pVAC-Seq: A genome-guided in silico approach to identifying tumor neoantigens

Hundal, J., Carreno, B. M., Petti, A. A., Linette, G. P., Griffith, O. L., Mardis, E. R., Griffith, M., Genome Med 8(1): 11, 2016

Cancer immunotherapy. A dendritic cell vaccine increases the breadth and diversity of melanoma neoantigen-specific T cells

Carreno, B. M., Magrini, V., Becker-Hapak, M., Kaabinejadian, S., Hundal, J., Petti, A. A., Ly, A., Lie, W. R., Hildebrand, W. H., Mardis, E. R., Linette, G. P., Science 348(6236): 803-8, 2015

Building Cancer Vaccines From Tumor Mutations

Carreno, B.M., NPR, Science Friday, 2015

Vaccination Increases the Breadth and Diversity of Melanoma Neoantigen-specific T cell Immunity

Carreno, B. M., Magrini, V., Becker-Hapak, M., Kaabinejadian, S., Hundal, J., Petti, A. A., Ly, A., Lie, W. R., Hildebrand, W. H., Mardis, E. R., Linette, G. P, 106th AACR Annual Meeting , Philadelphia, PA, 2015

Cancer Immunotherapy

Linette, G.P. and B.M. Carreno, The Washington Manual of Oncology, 3rd edition, 2015

High level IL-12p70 producing DC vaccine elicits Tc1-polarized immunity in patients with metastatic melanom

Carreno, B.M., Becker-Hapak, M, Cornelius, L., Linette, G.P., 13th International Symposium on Dendritic Cells, Tours, France, 2014

Dendritic cell-based vaccines: Shining the spotlight on signal 3

Linette, G. P., Carreno, B. M., Oncoimmunology 2(11): e26512, 2013