Laurel J. Glaser, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Assistant Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

Contact InformationHospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
4 Gates Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3457
Fax: 215-349-8291


Specialty Division

Laboratory Medicine


ScB (Biochemistry), Brown University, 1998
MD PhD (Microbiology), Mount Sinai School of Medicine , 2009

Specialty Certification

American Board of Pathology (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology), 2014
American Board of Medical Microbiologists, 2016

Postgraduate Training

Anantomic and Clinical Pathology Resident, University of Pennsylvania, 2009-2013
CPEP Microbiology Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2013-2015

Awards and Honors

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, 2008
William Pepper Fellowship Award in Recognition of Service to
Clinical Pathology, 2011-2012

Memberships and Professional Organizations

College of American Pathologists, 2009 - Present
American Society for Microbiology, 2013 - Present
National Patient Safety Foundation, 2016 - Present

Web Links

Selected Publications

Corynebacterium propinquum endocarditis: a confounding presentation of a rare entity

Rea B, Hawkins J, Min H, Maniglia R, Talati N, Glaser L, Cardiovasc Pathol. 28(): 71, 2017, PMID:28376415

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Identification of Clinically Relevant Mycobacterial Species after Extended Incubation Times in the BACTEC™ MGIT™ System

Bryan Rea MD, Julia R. Maisel MD , Laurel Glaser MD PhD, Kevin Alby PhD, American Society for Clinical Pathology Annual Meeting, 2016

Use of the Biofire Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel for the Detection of Viruses in CSF

Dean Syare, Laurel Glaser and Kevin Alby, Microbe 2016, 2016

Using signal-to-cutoff ratio to improve 4th generation human immunodeficiency virus diagnostics

Taylor Jenkins, Laurel Glaser and Kevin Alby, American Society for Clinical Pathology Annual Meeting, 2016

Aeromonas Gastrointestinal Infection Associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Laurel Glaser, Irv Nachamkin and Faten Aberra, American Society for Gastroenterology Annual Meeting, 2015 Meeting

Analytical performance of the Abaxis Piccolo Xpress® point of care analyzer in whole blood, serum, and plasma

Murata K, Glaser L, Nardiello M, Richardson S, Ramanathan LV, Carlow DC, Clin Biochem, 2015, PMID:26255121

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Aeromonas Gastrointestinal Infections at a University Hospital, Philadelphia, 2009-2014

Glaser Laurel, Aberra Faten and Nachamkin Irving, American Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting, 2015

Cladophialophora bantiana Mass-forming Infection of the Right Frontal Lobe of the Brian with Unusual Imaging in a Renal Transplant Patient.

MacLean P. Nasrallah, Laurel Glaser, Kristy Reinert, H. Isaac Chen, Alexander Mamourian, and Maria Martinez-Lage, American Association of Neuropathologists Annual Meeting, 2015

Comparison of the Lyra Direct HSV 1+2/VZV Assay with a Laboratory Developed Molecular Assay for HSV and VZV

Laurel Glaser and Kevin Alby, Association of Molecular Pathologists Annual Meeting, 2015