2014 ASCP Annual Meeting Awards

October 13, 2014

At this year's American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Meeting, Dr. Virginia LiVolsi  was the recipient of the 2014 H.P. Smith Award for Distinguished Pathology and the inaugural 2014 ASCP Excellence in Mentorship Award for her extraordinary career-long commitment to educating and mentoring our future generation of leaders.

The ASCP noted that Dr. LiVolsi has a long list of illustrious accomplishments, including serving on the American Board of Pathology, Chair of the Pathology Panel Chernobyl Thyroid Tumor project, former president of both the Arthur Purdy Stout Society for Surgical Pathologists and the Association of Directors of Anatomic/Surgical Pathology, and as a Member of the Board of Editors of American Journal of Clinical Pathology. In 1995, Dr. LiVolsi received ASCP’s Distinguished Service Award for her extraordinary service to the profession.

Fourth-Year Resident Dr. Sam Wei's poster on cancer in Graves disease of the thyroid was voted "best resident poster" of the 2014 annual ASCP Meeting.

In other ASCP honors, Dr. Zubair Baloch was awarded the 2014 ASCP Mastership Designation, which serves to recognize those distinguished Society members who have made significant contributions, not only to the field of pathology and laboratory medicine but also to ASCP. Department faculty members who have received the ASCP Mastership designation include Drs. John Brooks in 2012 and Virginia LiVolsi in 2007.