Inside the Center for Personalized Diagnostics

Wonder how precision medicine works? This animated "explainer" video gives an inside look at genomic cancer testing at Penn Medicine's Center for Personalized Diagnostics.

First Matters

Penn Medicine's new TV spot "First Matters" from February 2018, highlighting some of the historic "firsts" we've been a part of -- many of them inspired by Department faculty members.

Precision Medicine with Dr. Babak Faryabi

Penn Medicine's Dr. Babak Faryabi presents his 2017 Precision Medicine Accelerator Fund project "AI-Driven Targeted Therapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia."

Precision Medicine with Dr. Dan Herman

Penn Medicine's Dr. Daniel Herman presents his 2017 Precision Medicine Accelerator Fund project "Improving the Care of Secondary Hypertension: Automated Medical Record Screening."

Warren Pear's Research Summary (Scientific Vision)

Part of the Penn Medicine "Make Your Metaphor" project, highlighting research in the Pear Lab.

Cancer Immunotherapy Research

20 years of Penn Medicine's "ImmunoRevolution" that has created personalized immunotherapy treatments to reprogram the immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells.

Medical Alumni Weekend 2017: Penn Medicine at the Forefront

A Penn panel of nationally renowned faculty discusses the most promising areas of discovery at Penn Medicine today.