The Endocrinology laboratory performs assays to measure various hormones, tumor markers, and infectious disease serologic markers. The lab also offers specialized chemistry testing services such as Hemoglobin A1c, Maternal Serum Screening, and Allergy Testing for specific IgE against a wide range of allergens (tree, weed, grass pollens, animal dander, dust mites, and molds). Technology available within the laboratory includes a variety of fully automated chemiluminescent immunoassay platforms and HPLC.


• Maternal Serum Screening program determine risk factors for fetal open neural tube defects, as well as risk of chromosome 21 and 18 aneuploidies, in single pregnancies between 15 and 22 weeks of gestation. Measurement of four biochemical markers (Quad screen includes Alpha fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotropin, unconjugated estriol, and dimeric Inhibin-A) and maternal demographic information are evaluated in Maciel Prenatal interpretive Software.  
• The Endocrinology Laboratory coordinates with clinical staff in Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery and Interventional Radiology to offer rapid turnaround time on intra-operative measurement of Parathyroid Hormone and Cortisol for Parathyroidectomy and Adrenal Vein Sampling cases, respectively. Integrated processes with clinical staff and rapid TAT provide a positive impact of patient outcome, by improving surgical success rates.  
• Offers Parathyroid Hormone, male and female reproductive hormones, as well as Insulin, C-peptide, and Hemoglobin A1c for the diagnosis and management of diabetes. Hemoglobin A1c is the highest volume test, with over 90,000 tests performed this year.  
• Offers tumor marker testing for Colorectal, Pancreatic, Testicular and Ovarian, Breast, and Thyroid cancers amongst others.  Focus on stringent quality control and acceptance of reagent lot numbers ensures precise and accurate results for longitudinal monitoring.