Human Immunology

The Human Immunology Core provides expertise and instrumentation for the analysis of immune function in patients during treatment with anticancer drugs and immunotherapy. The Core serves as a central facility for incorporating the newest technologies and performing validated immunology assays for phase I/II clinical studies, while also offering expert scientific and technical consultations to users interested in conducting this kind of innovative research.

Current services include:

  • Multiplex Immunological assays which allow the simultaneous characterization of multiple cytokines (or phosphoprotein or mRNA)
  • Flow-cytometry based immunophenotyping and proliferation (CFSE) assays
  • Cellular assays such as B and T cell ELISpot
  • Primary lymphocyte isolation and sub-population enrichment
  • Cryopreservation and banking of PBMCs and/or plasma from longitudinal studies for concurrent immunological analysis