In the Section of Cytopathology, seven double board certified faculty members and approximately 30 other personnel provide diagnoses based on cell specimens, including exfoliated cells from surfaces such as cervical cytology, cells from various body cavities and effusions, and fine needle aspiration (FNA) specimens. All pathologists and cytotechnologists at work here are tested annually and certified for proficiency by an agency deemed by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 


Current volume in the Cytopathology Laboratory is approximately 40,000 clinical specimens annually. These are made up of over 20,500 gynecologic (GYN) and 15,000 non-GYN specimens, including approximately 5,800 FNA specimens (~3,000 with rapid onsite evaluation/ROSE).
The FNA procedure, performed at bedside or in the clinic, provides immediate interpretation in over 90% of patients. Done either by cytopathologists or by other physicians with their support, this rapid diagnosis of tumors enables planning for definitive surgery without invasive biopsies.
Translational research here aims to apply modern molecular techniques to diagnoses of cytopathology specimens, including protein, RNA- and DNA-level techniques.
Trainees in the section’s ACGME-approved Cytopathology Fellowship Training Program are much in demand.


The Cytopathology Faculty and Fellows, 2023