Penn Cytomics and Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory

The Penn Cytomics and Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory is currently recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive flow cytometry laboratories in the US. In 2010 it was designated a laboratory of exceptional merit by the National Cancer Institute. Using state-of-the-art technology, the resource provides a broad array of instrumentation, support, education and consultation to the research community at the University of Pennsylvania. A wide variety of cell sorting applications are supported, from high-speed multicolor (up to 14 colors) cell sorting to low-speed, large nozzle, improved viability sorting. Additionally, a wide variety of cell analysis services (up to 20 parameters) are offered, from traditional analog, easier to use tabletop analyzers to many-laser, many-color, high-speed, fully-digital modern instrumentation.

Currently the facility offers 6 cell sorters and 19 analytical instruments. A very active training and consultation program is in place to support these activities. The Scientific Director, Dr. Jonni Moore, and the Technical Directors, each have over 25 years experience in the field of cytomics. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are increasingly engaged in research projects that require 8-plus-parameter cell sorting of infectious cells and primary human tissues. To accommodate this, a fully outfitted BSL3 cell sorting suite, containing a 10-parameter FACSVantage Diva, offers access to the technology in a safe and efficient manner. Investigators using the Penn Cytomics and Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory have access to virtually any type of cytometric services required for a vast array of applications.