Penn Cytomics and Cell Sorting Facility

Penn Cytomics is the sole flow cytometry shared resource laboratory (SRL) at the University of Pennsylvania. The core has 35+ instruments, which include analyzers, cell sorters, and small particle detectors, as well as a dual-fluorescence cell counter/viability instrument and a tissue dissociator for cell preparation. The SRL staff provides both on-site and off-site support to instrument users, including analyzer and cell sorter training. The facility also has a research and development team that collaborates/consults with principal investigators in developing high-dimensional panels, as well as staining, acquisition, and analysis. The core has ~10 nearby satellite locations to accommodate instrument user needs. Penn Cytomics is an Abramson Cancer Center supported facility and has been recognized as "exceptional" by the National Cancer Center for over 30 years. 

*All publications that include results or products generated in Penn Cytomics and Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory must include the following acknowledgement: 

"The data for this (manuscript or presentation) were generated in the Penn Cytomics and Cell Sorting Shared Resource Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania and is partially supported by the Abramson Cancer Center NCI Grant (P30 016520). The research identifier number is RRid:SCR_022376."