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Abdullah Almuqate, MD, PhD

2020-21 Hematopathology Fellow

Jasmeet Assi, MD

2020-21 Breast Pathology Fellow

Santiago Delgado Fernandez, MD

2020-21 Cytopathology Fellow

Bradley Drumheller, MD

2020-21 Hematopathology Fellow

Rebekah Dumm, MD

2020-21 Clinical Microbiology Fellow

Sarah Findeis, MD

2020-21 Surgical Pathology Fellow

Sharmila Ghosh, MD

2020-21 Hematopathology Fellow

Emily Gill, PhD

2020-21 Clinical Chemistry Fellow

Neha Gupta, MD

2020-21 Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellow
2019-20 Hematopathology Fellow

Tom Hu, MD

2020-21 Cytopathology Fellowship at UPHS

Youssef Khafateh, MD

2020-21 Surgical Pathology Fellow

Rachel Kolster, MD, PhD

2019-21 Neuropathology Fellow
Anatomic Pathology & Neuropathology Program

Katie Louka, MD

2020-21 Soft Tissue/Bone Pathology Fellow

Andrew Lytle, MD

2020-21 Hematopathology Fellow

Waqas Mahmud, MD

2020-21 Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellow

Malary Mani, MD

2020-21 Surgical Pathology Fellow 

Rebecca May, MD, PhD

2019-20 Cytopathology Fellow
2018-19 Surgical Pathology Fellow
Combined Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology Program Residency

Ernest Nelson, Jr., MD

2020-21 Neuropathology Fellow at UHPS
Anatomic Pathology Chief Resident 2019-20

Nya Nelson, MD, PhD

2020-21 Pediatric Pathology Fellowship at CHOP; followed by Molecular Genetics Fellowship at UPHS
Anatomic Pathology Chief Resident 2019

Mushal Noor, MD

2020-21 Hematopathology Fellow

Derek Oldridge, MD, PhD

2020-21 Immunogenetics Fellowship, CHOP HLA Laboratory
Clinical Pathology Chief Resident 2018-19

Jessica Peters, MD

2019-20 Breast Fellow

Christopher Preciado, MD

2020-21 Surgical Pathology Fellowship at UPHS
Anatomic Pathology Chief Resident 2018-19

Jenna Reece, MD

2020-21 Transfusion Medicine Fellowship at UHPS
Clinical Pathology Chief Resident 2019-20

Melissa Richard-Greenblatt, PhD

2019-21 Clinical Microbiology Fellow