Research Support for Investigators

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has a long history of supporting both clinical and translational research. In addition, the wide scope of expertise of its faculty is available to provide support for scientific research projects, as participants in diagnostic procedures or infusional therapeutics, as consultants, or as co-investigators. Investigators are encouraged to take advantage of the expertise available and directly contact the appropriate faculty members / laboratory directors for guidance or participation in research project design, implementation, and analysis.

The Pathology Clinical Service Center (PCSC) was launched to streamline access to all of our research services. The goal of the PCSC is to promote and facilitate translational research by providing comprehensive blood and tissue-based services to investigators. Among these services are those that traditionally are only provided by Anatomic and Clinical Pathologists in the clinical setting.

The Anatomic Division (PCSC-AP) specializes in the analysis of human bio-samples and offers histology, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization, tissue microarray construction, molecular analysis, digital imaging, multispectral image analysis and assay development. The Transfusion Medicine & Therapeutic Pathology Division (PSCS-TM&TP) encompasses the Apheresis and Infusion Clinic, the Stem Cell Lab, and the Blood Bank, and the Penn Medicine Blood Donation Center. The PCSC-TM&TP operates in compliance with FDA regulations, is accredited by the AABB and FACT, and specializes in the collection, processing, and re-infusion of cellular products, and offering mononuclear cell, whole blood, and plasma collections, elutriation, and infusion of intravenous medications under medical supervision. The Clinical Pathology Division (PCSC-CP) specializes in the analysis of blood and serum samples, including chemistry, microbiology, coagulation, hematology, immunology, and molecular pathology. In addition, PCSC can collect, store, analyze, and annotate research samples for IRB-approved projects.

To initiate a new project in Anatomic Pathology please contact the PCSC-AP Director:
Kristen M. Stashek, MD

For questions regarding ongoing projects please contact the Anatomic Pathology Technical Director:
Amy Ziober, JD

To initiate a new project in Transfusion Medicine please contact the PCSC-TM&TP Director:
Nicole Aqui, MD

To initiate a new project in Clinical Pathology please contact the Director of Laboratory Medicine:
Charlene Bierl, MD, PhD