Test, Biospecimen, and Research Requests

The PCD promotes and supports research efforts of clinical trials as well as academic research. Requests are accepted for numerous indications including, but not limited to, biospecimen acquisition, database mining, and utilization of current clinical assays for both non-routine clinical (e.g. samples associated with clinical trials) and research samples. Request forms are reviewed and approved by the Research Request Committee. Approved requests will be assigned a project lead, who will be the point person for all communication regarding the project. Please note that the appropriate regulatory requirements (i.e. IRB) must be in place prior to final approval of requests. Costs associated with the project are dependent on project specifications.

Biospecimen requests are for requesting residual patient material (e.g. genomic DNA, formalin fixed paraffin-embedded tissue slides) from the PCD, after all clinical testing has been completed. PCD Biospecimen Request Form (PDF) 

Data Only Research requests are for requesting results/data from the clinical lab. Request form coming soon!

Research requests are for requesting specimens for clinical trials or research samples for non-routine use of clinical assays. Clinical Trial and Research Request Form (Word doc) 

For requests of new clinical assays, please refer to the Development page