Stephan Kadauke, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Contact InformationChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia
Main Building, Fifth Floor - 5NW23A
3401 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA, 19104
Office: 267-426-0250

Research Expertise

Reproducible research, tidyverse, R, RStudio, R Markdown, clinical data science, machine learning, tidymodels, parsnip, rsample, GitHub, gene therapy, erythropoiesis, epigenetics, chromatin, transcription factors, higher-order chromatin structure, mitotic bookmarking, next-generation sequencing

Clinical Expertise

Cellular therapy, cGMP, stem cells, bone marrow transplant, chimeric antigen receptor, CAR-T cells, virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes, T/B cell depletion, cell manufacturing, graft manipulation, CliniMACS Prodigy, transfusion medicine, apheresis, red blood cell exchange, plasma exchange, thalassemia, sickle cell disease, thrombosis and hemostasis, coagulation, utilization management, laboratory information systems, healthcare analytics, clinical informatics, pathology informatics, datamart, enterprise data warehouse


BA (Biochemistry, summa cum laude), Columbia University, 2005
Ph.D. (Cell and Molecular Biology), Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2012
M.D. Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2014

Specialty Certification

American Board of Pathology - Transfusion Medicine, 2018
American Society for Apheresis - Qualification in Apheresis, 2018
American Board of Pathology - Clinical Pathology, 2018
RStudio, PBC - Certified Tidyverse Instructor, 2019
American Society of Clinical Pathology - University of Pathology Informatics, 2020
Epic, Inc. - Physician Builder, 2020
American Board of Pathology - Clinical Informatics, 2021

Postgraduate Training

Residency in Clinical Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, 2014-2018
Chief Resident , Massachusetts General Hospital, 2015-2015
Transfusion Medicine Fellowship, Harvard Medical School, 2016-2017

Awards and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa - Early Induction for Top 2% of Graduating Class (Columbia University), 2004
Summa cum laude (Columbia University), 2005
Benjamin and Mary Siddons Measey Foundation Fellowship (University of Pennsylvania), 2005-2009
Roy G. Williams Award for Meritorious Research in Basic Medical Sciences (University of Pennsylvania), 2013
Saul Winegrad Award for Outstanding Dissertation (University of Pennsylvania), 2013
Oral Abstract Award, 2022 ASTCT Meeting, 2022-2022

Memberships and Professional Organizations

The Sumaira Foundation for Neuromyelitis Optica, 2014 - 2018
AABB, 2017 - Present
American Society of Apheresis (ASFA), 2018 - Present
American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), 2019 - Present
International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT), 2019 - Present
Association for Pathology Informatics (API), 2019 - Present
College of American Pathologists, 2019 - Present
American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (ASTCT), 2020 - Present
R/Medicine, 2020 - Present
American Medical Informatics Associaton (AMIA), 2021 - present

Web Links

Selected Publications

A Machine Learning Model that Incorporates CD45 Mean Fluorescence Intensity (MFI) and Cell Composition Predicts Poor Viability of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells after Freeze-Thaw.

Al-Riyami AZ, Hanna RS, Pashmineh Azar AR, Maryamchik E, Zheng X, Zhang X, Finn C, Giacobbe N, Rieser R, Ghasemi Tahrir F, Machietto R, Choudhari SS, Kadauke S, Wang Y, International Society for Cellular Therapy 2022 Annual Meeting, 2022

Unrelated donor α/β T-cell and B-cell-depleted HSCT for the treatment of pediatric acute leukemia

Leahy AB, Li Y, Talano JA, Elgarten CW, Seif AE, Wang Y, Johnson B, Monos D, Kadauke S, Olson TS, Freedman JL, Wray L, Grupp SA, Bunin NJ, Blood Advances 6(4): 1175-1185, 2022, PMID:34872106

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Manufacture and Immunological Characterization of GMP-Compliant Functional Sars-COV-2 Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (CTLs) Utilizing the Clinimacs® Cytokine Capture System

Chu Y, Kadauke S, et al., 63rd ASH Annual Meeting, 2021

Outcomes after reinfusion of CD19-specific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-modified T cells in children and young adults with relapsed/refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Myers RM, Devine K, Li Y, Lawrence S, Leahy AB, Liu H, Vernau L, Callahan C, Baniewicz D, Kadauke S, McGuire R, Cameron M, DiNofia A, Rheingold SR, Aplenc R, June CH, Grupp SA, Wray L, Maude SL, 63rd ASH Annual Meeting, 2021

Ex Vivo T-Cell Receptor αβ+/CD19+depletion of Peripheral Stem Cell Grafts for Pediatric Patients with Bone Marrow Failure (BMF) Undergoing Unrelated Donor Transplantation

Oved J, Kadauke S, et al, 63rd ASH Annual Meeting, 2021

Complete Versus Incomplete Hematologic Recovery after CAR T Cell Therapy: Implications for Relapse Free Survival and Overall Survival in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients with Relapsed/Refractory B-ALL

Lerman B, Li Y, Liu H, Myers RM, Devine K, Callahan C, Baniewicz D, Kadauke S, DiNofia A, Rheingold SR, Wray L, Aplenc R, Grupp SA, Maude SL, Leahy AB, 63rd ASH Annual Meeting, 2021

A Concise and Engaging Introductory Data Skills Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals using R

Kadauke S,, 2021

Breaking Up With Excel - How to Write Reproducible Reports with R Markdown

Stephan Kadauke,, 2021

Stephan Kadauke from R/Medicine talks to R Consortium about Racial Bias

R Consortium,, 2021

Measures to reduce red cell use in patients with sickle cell disease requiring red cell exchange during a blood shortage

Uter S, An HH, Kadauke S, Linder GE, Sesok-Pizzini D, Kim HC, Friedman DF, Chou ST, Blood Advances 5(12): 2586-2592, 2021, PMID:34152394

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