Carl H. June, MD

Richard W. Vague Professor in Immunotherapy
Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Cellular Immunotherapies
Director, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

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Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 573-3269
Fax: (215) 573-8590

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Transfusion Medicine & Therapeutic Pathology, Cancer and Immunobiology

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Cell and Molecular Biology


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Selected Publications

Chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells in chronic lymphoid leukemia.

Porter David L, Levine Bruce L, Kalos Michael, Bagg Adam, June Carl H, The New England journal of medicine 365(8): 725-33, 2011, PMID:21830940

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T cells with chimeric antigen receptors have potent antitumor effects and can establish memory in patients with advanced Leukemia.

Kalos Michael, Levine Bruce L, Porter David L, Katz Sharyn, Grupp Stephan A, Bagg Adam, June Carl H, Science translational medicine 3(95): 95ra73, 2011, PMID:21832238

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Combination immunotherapy using adoptive T-cell transfer and tumor antigen vaccination on the basis of hTERT and survivin after ASCT for myeloma.

Rapoport Aaron P, Aqui Nicole A, Stadtmauer Edward A, Vogl Dan T, Fang Hong-Bin, Cai Ling, Janofsky Stephen, Chew Anne, Storek Jan, Akpek Gorgun, Badros Ashraf, Yanovich Saul, Tan Ming T, Veloso Elizabeth, Pasetti Marcela F, Cross Alan, Philip Sunita, Murphy Heather, Bhagat Rita, Zheng Zhaohui, Milliron Todd, Cotte Julio, Cannon Andrea, Levine Bruce L, Vonderheide Robert H, June Carl H, Blood 117(3): 788-97, 2011, PMID:21030558

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Establishment of HIV-1 resistance in CD4+ T cells by genome editing using zinc-finger nucleases.

Perez EE, Wang J, Miller JC, Jouvenot Y, Kim KA, Liu O, Wang N, Lee G, Bartsevich VV, Lee YL, Guschin DY, Rupniewski I, Waite AJ, Carpenito C, Carroll RG, Orange JS, Urnov FD, Rebar EJ, Ando D, Gregory PD, Riley JL, Holmes MC, June CH., Nat Biotechnol. 7(): 808-16, 2008, PMID:18587387

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The inducible costimulator (ICOS) is critical for the development of human T(H)17 cells.

Paulos Chrystal M, Carpenito Carmine, Plesa Gabriela, Suhoski Megan M, Varela-Rohena Angel, Golovina Tatiana N, Carroll Richard G, Riley James L, June Carl H, Science translational medicine 2(55): 55ra78, 2010, PMID:20980695

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A human memory T cell subset with stem cell-like properties.

Gattinoni Luca, Lugli Enrico, Ji Yun, Pos Zoltan, Paulos Chrystal M, Quigley Máire F, Almeida Jorge R, Gostick Emma, Yu Zhiya, Carpenito Carmine, Wang Ena, Douek Daniel C, Price David A, June Carl H, Marincola Francesco M, Roederer Mario, Restifo Nicholas P, Nature medicine 17(10): 1290-7, 2011, PMID:21926977

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Engineering lymphocyte subsets: tools, trials and tribulations.

June CH, Blazar BR, Riley JL, Nature Reviews Immunology 9(10): 704-16, 2009, PMID:19859065

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Control of large, established tumor xenografts with genetically retargeted human T cells containing CD28 and CD137 domains.

Carpenito Carmine, Milone Michael C, Hassan Raffit, Simonet Jacqueline C, Lakhal Mehdi, Suhoski Megan M, Varela-Rohena Angel, Haines Kathleen M, Heitjan Daniel F, Albelda Steven M, Carroll Richard G, Riley James L, Pastan Ira, June Carl H, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106(9): 3360-5, 2009, PMID:19211796

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Human T regulatory cell therapy: take a billion or so and call me in the morning.

Riley James L, June Carl H, Blazar Bruce R, Immunity 30(5): 656-65, 2009, PMID:19464988

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Putting the brakes on BTLA in T cell-mediated cancer immunotherapy.

Paulos CM, June CH, Journal of Clinical Investigation 120(1): 76-80, 2010, PMID:20038807

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