Gerard D. Schellenberg, PhD

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 
Director, Penn Neurodegeneration Genomics Center
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Contact InformationDepartment of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Stellar-Chance Laboratories, Room 609B
422 Curie Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Specialty Division

Neuropathology, Cancer and Immunobiology

Graduate Groups

Genomics and Computational Biology


BS (Biochemistry/minor: Cell Biology), University of California at Riverside, 1973
PhD (Biochemistry/minor: Cell Biology), University of California at Riverside, 1978

Specialty Certification

Postgraduate Training

National Science Foundation Undergraduate, Summer Research Program, Department of Biochemistry, University of California at Riverside, 1972
National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Summer Research Program, Department of Biochemistry, University of California at Riverside, 1972
Senior Research Fellow, Department of Medical Genetics, School of Medicine, RG-20, University of Washington, 1978-79
Senior Research Fellow, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, University of Washington, 1979-82
NIH Post Doctoral Fellowship, National Institute of Health, 1980-82
Senior Research Fellow, Department of Genetics, School of Medicine, University of Washington, 1982-83

Awards and Honors

John Douglas French Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease, Investigator Award, 1986-88
Potamkin Prize for Alzheimer's Disease Research
Potamkin Foundation and the American Academy of Neurology, 1994
Metropolitan Life Foundation, Awards for Medical Research, 1995
Alzheimer's Association Medical Honoree, for outstanding commitment to the research of Alzheimer's disease, 1996
National Institute on Aging, R37 Merit Award: Genomic analysis of Alzheimer’s disease, 2004
BrightFocus Scientific Impact Award, BrightFocus Foundation, 2023

Memberships and Professional Organizations

American Society of Human Genetics, 1988-present
Alzheimer's Association, 1990-95
American Health Assistance Foundation, 1992-94
University of Kansas Medical School Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, 1993-95
Harvard Medical School Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, 1993-97
NIH Neurology C Study Section, 1995-98
Mount Sinai Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, 1998
National Veterans Affairs Committee on Genetics Research, 1998
NIH Brain Disorders and Clinical Neuroscience 3 Study Section, 1998-99
NIH National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research, 2000-08
Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, 2000-04
Virtual Research Institute on Aging: Nippon Boehringer-Ingelheim, 2001-04
Indiana Alzheimer's Disease Center National Cell Repository, 2001-present
National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center, 2001-04
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2002-present
M.I.N.D. Institute Research Program, University of California Davis, 2002-05
Society of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, 2003-present
Autism Genome Project, 2003-present
National Alliance for Autism Research, 2003-present
Alzheimer Research Consortium, 2003-present
Program Project "Presenilin Biology and the Mechanism of Alzheimer's Disease," Harvard Medical School, 2004-07
Veteran's Affairs Dementia Prevention Study of Vitamin E and Mementine, 2005-15
Resource Allocation Review Committee (RARC), Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Disease (DIAN) Project, 2008-present
Texas Alzheimer Research and Care Consortium, 2008-present
7th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementia, 2009-10
Peebler PSP Research Foundation, 2009-present
Barcelona Think Tank Meeting on EU-US Collaborative Research on the Prevention of Dementia, 2009-present
Alzheimer’s Association, 2009-10
NIA, 2010
Alzheimer's Association, 2011-present
International Genomics Alzheimer Project, 2011-present
8th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias (FTD 2012), 2011-12
NIA/NHGRI/NIH, 2012-present
United Kingdom Parkinson Disease Center, University College London, 2012-present
Member, The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, 2013-present
Mayo Clinic Rochester Udall Center, 2013-present
University of Miami Udall Center, 2013-present
Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre, 2013-present
NIA/NHGRI/NIH, 2013-present
NIA/NHGRI/NIH, 2014-present

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