GU Oncology Pilot Grant for Dr. Priti Lal

July 06, 2018

The GU Oncology Leadership Committee at the Abramson Cancer Center has announced two winners for their FY19 GU Oncology Innovation Contest with a maximum pilot grant of $30,000 to be used over the course of two years:

Dr. Erica Carpenter (Research Assistant Professor of Medicine): Non-invasive cell-freeDNA to approximate tumor burden and disease activity in testicular cancer

Dr. Priti Lal (Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine): Muscle invasive bladder cancer precision panel (MiBCa Panel) for treatment and prognosis: A Penn multidisciplinary initiative towards personalized treatment of bladder cancer

The Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) of the University of Pennsylvania is a world leader in cancer research, patient care, and education. The innovation awards are part of the Cancer Service Line and Network Integration at the ACC. Funds are available for innovative pilot projects that advance the ACC's mission of excellence in clinical care, research and education.